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Onespy is an easy to use mobile tracking software. The application gives you the ability to track all the apps installed on an Android Smartphone. It comes with an online control panel that gives you accessibility to entire encrypted information on a handset. It has a user-friendly interface that comes preloaded with features to make the phone monitoring simple. Installing and operating the Onespy mobile spy application is as easy as pie and even a non-techy person could run the app just by the click of a button.

Once installed successfully, the Onespy mobile tracking application could add an additional security layer to the targeted smartphone. The monitoring app along with its other features enables the parent user to spy mobile applications installed on the targeted device by gathering information and phone data, and then processing the same online.

Why do you need application monitoring feature?

The app monitoring feature on Onespy can be used for multiple needs, however there are two significant purposes that the application can be used for. One is to monitor the kid’s activities on a smartphone and the other one is to track an employee’s company provided smartphone.

Starting with the first feature. Onespy is a fantastic tool that gives freedom to all parents to track their children using android smartphones. We understand that many applications available on Playstore or across third party websites could turn into loopholes and breach into a kid’s personal boundaries. A hacker or anonymous person could use such applications to breach into phone data and can abuse the kids for their personal motives. Therefore, to keep our kids secure of all such malicious and mischievous activities, it’s important for the parents to track the applications on their kid’s smartphone.

On the other hand, every time an employer provides a handset to their employees, they require that the smartphone shall only be used for official purposes. However, there’s no direct way to monitor if the phone is used rightfully or not. But with Onespy, you can monitor, track and even spy applications installed on an Android smartphone. Onespy packs features that can help an employer to secure their vital data and direct the employees for on-the-job efficiency.

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Installed application tracking from a single point with complete accessibility.

As mentioned above, installing Onespy application is simple and takes only a couples of minutes before the user could access its numerous features. With this spy application, a user gets complete information of the targeted smartphone. The subscriber can track phone applications installed on the targeted android smartphone along with accessing the phone data transmitting through the device.

Here is a list of all the Mobile Application Tracking features offered by Onespy:

Spying installed applications just got easier with Onespy. The software gives you the entire list of applications installed on the targeted Android Smartphone along with plenty of supplementary features:

  • Remember, not all the applications available on Playstore are earnest, hence it’s important for a parent to pay close attention to what their kids are getting into. Onespy gives you the freedom to spy installed applications on a smartphone without interfering into the phones regular usage.
  • You can retrieve application name, installation date and the application version installed on the smartphone.
  • The spy application has an online control panel that can be accessed from any location across the globe at any time with the availability of internet connection.
  • The cell phone spy software can also be installed on an employee’s smartphone in case you’re an employer. It will help you with tracking if the employee is using the device with legitimate applications or not.
  • Onespy along with its other features also permits you to block a specific application via its interface. With the App Blocking feature a parent can protect their kids from unnecessary app penetration and track their activities even when they’re not around.
  • You can track the application URL and versions without any trouble.
  • Further, what’s best is that the subscriber can also monitor the app runtime and app frequency on the targeted device.