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Complete tracking of activities with cell phone spy software

The advancement in the technology has changed the life of the individuals and it has developed a number of devices and software to use. Cell phones are one of those latest developments and it has enhanced the way of communication, children like to use these devices very much.

There may be some risks with the use of cell phones if not used for the right purpose. It may be worrisome for you to know what your kids are doing on the cell phone. It seems a troublesome task to monitor the activities when you are not close to your kids. Onespy brings you a perfect solution to overcome this situation, it has become easy for you to track the activities of your kids as well as employees with cell phone tracking software.

What is cell phone tracking software?

Now parents and the employees can easily monitor the cell phones of kids and employees by using cell phone tracking software. Onespy, the android spy app is the all in one solution. Mobile spy software monitors all the information and the application is a complete pack of advanced features. You truly get the solutions; once you install this software on the targeted Android phone. It enables you to view text messages, GPS locations, Facebook chat conversations and so forth.

The live control panel offers you cell phone monitoring function in the real-time where you can view the screen of the targeted Android phone. Cell phone tracking app facilitates you the access to monitor your kids, protection for data theft, and enhances the productivity of your employees. The spy app offers you credible features:

  • Real-time tracking and location tracking.
  • Access to Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber and other IMs.
  • View downloaded pictures, shared media files and stored pictures on the phone.
  • Access mailbox and text message tracking.
  • Visited website history and URLs.
  • Instant alerts and notifications.

Additional features of the cell phone spy app:

Text message logging: Get the access to the text messages on the targeted Android phone. Read the content of the text messages in the real-time and know the name and number of the sender secretly.

Social networking logs: Spy app for android allows you to view the chat conversation of the user, access the chat conversation anytime from your device remotely. Get the name and id of the person in the contact list.

Access installed apps: All installed apps can be accessed in moments from your online control panel. Every single app on the targeted Android phone can be tracked at any moment of the day.

GPS locator: Now you can track the location in few clicks as well as you get the information of the routes on the map.

Access photos: All the stored pictures, shared media, as well as downloaded files can be viewed anytime.

Why do you need cell phone spy app?

Sometimes, there is need for monitoring and tracking of the information of your kids and employees, you may need to know their cell phone activities. When you install the spy phone app, you instantly get the access to the log activities and the information uploads to the online control panel.

When you wish to see the live activity and track the location of your employees or you want to see the location of your child, then, surely you look for a reliable solution. Cell phone spy app gets you the instant access; you just need to install the software on the targeted Android phone.

What is the working process of cell phone tracking software?

The working process of the hidden call recorder is not a mammoth task. Its working process takes moments and within few clicks, you get ready to use this application productively. Its setup involves the following steps:

Step: 1 Purchase

First, go to Onespy website and go to purchase section, after that, you can select your package where you get the option to choose the basic and premium package. Fill the required information and place your order.

Step: 2 Install

Once you are done with the order process, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the registration code and a link to download and instructions to install the software. You can customize the settings as per your choice in spy phone app.

Step: 3 View logs

Once you are logged in to your online control panel, activities can be viewed instantly. Every information uploads to your online control panel that can be downloaded and listened to the recordings anytime.

What are the benefits of the cell phone tracking software?

Mobile spy app offers you more than just logging your child’s cell phone activities, it lets you access to send commands to your child in order to get control. You can put off on the unwanted activities of your kids, in case, you lost your phone the data on your phone can be locked remotely. You can create security on the phone easily within few clicks, you can send the following commands to the targeted Android phone:

  • Lock/unlock the cell phone anytime.
  • Get live GPS location.
  • Get SIM cards changing notifications.
  • Complete data deletion from your end.

Additional benefits of cell phone tracking software:

Call recording: Hidden call recorder software records every single call, all the received, dialed and missed calls are recorded and upload to your online control dashboard.

Access contacts: Access the contacts list on the targeted Android phone, you could easily access the name and the number anytime.

Web activity: All the visited websites can be tracked easily and you can view the visited URLs. Android spy can block the URL if required, you get complete access to the browser.

Live screenshots: The live control panel gives you access to the live activities of the targeted Android phone. Real-time access to the phone is one of the significant benefits.

Keep a track on the activities of your kids and employees easily, mobile spy app empowers you to earn more benefits. Get in touch with our professionals for more information and place your order today.