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Monitor all activities on the targeted Android phone with mobile tracking software

With the advancement in the technology, you get better parental control options. The technology has given rise to the use of mobile phones, computers, software, mobile spy app and much more. Nowadays, everyone makes use of mobile phones, tablets to communicate with their friends and family members. Along with communication, users also use these devices to send and receive files, downloading files, making calls and much more. No doubt, these devices prove beneficial, however, there are some risks associated with these activities that can’t be ignored.

Kids and teenagers cover a major part of the population who make use of mobile phones and use different social networking platforms to communicate with their friends. It might create a troubling situation for the parents, therefore, it’s important to monitor the activities of your kids. Now the next question strikes to the mind how would you know what your kids are doing on the phone when you are not around them.

Onespy brings you a solution that will help you in overcome such situation, mobile tracking software is one such app that is capable in meeting your requirements. Yes! It allows you to get access to the mobile phones of your kids even you are not at home or around them.

What is mobile tracking app?

Mobile tracking app is the advanced monitoring software that helps you in monitoring the activities on the targeted Android phone and this way you are able to keep your kids on the right track. It facilitates you to notify your child or employees and the application runs in the background secretly as it doesn’t show any icon on the targeted Android phone.

It gives you notifications on your screen that remind your child is being monitored. This cell phone spy software offers the logs of activities that can be viewed in your online account. The online control panel can be logged in any device with a user id and password where you can view the logs.

Quick features of mobile tracking software:

  • Look all the photos downloaded, shared and saved.
  • Monitor WhatsApp chat and other IMs.
  • Complete call history with proper time duration.
  • Access the contact list.
  • View text messages along with the sender’s name.
  • Access to the installed apps.
  • Read the real-time content of the chat conversations.
  • Track Facebook and Tinder messages.

Additional features of mobile tracking software:

Alerts: You get instant alerts on your device’s screen whenever an activity is performed on the phone. Every single activity is monitored secretly.

Web browser info: Spy app for android gets you the info of the installed web browser on the targeted Android phone. You can view the visited URLs and can restrict the access to the sites you wish to block.

Application blocking: You have the admittance to the installed apps and you can block the applications that you don’t want your kids or employees to use.

Calendar events and notes: View the scheduled events in the notes, it enables you to get complete information about the scheduled meetings.

Why do you need mobile tracking software?

If you wish to keep a track of the activities of your kids and employees, then employee monitoring software is the right choice for you. It allows you to access call logs, text messages, installed applications, web browser history and much more. You get the complete information of the activities and keep eyes on your employees if they are sharing the confidential information of your business to your competitors.

Now you can put an off on these unlawful activities of your employees and it results in the increased business productivity. Install the mobile spy software on your employee’s phone and you have proper consent to spy the activities. You can check the call logs from a remote location from your device but make sure you have the internet access on your device. You get the real-time access to the targeted Android phone where you can see everything is working fine.

How does mobile tracking app work?

The working process of mobile tracking app is quite simple and it hardly takes moments to install this application. One can follow these given steps:

Step: 1 Purchase

First, you need to go to Onespy website and from there download the application and make a payment to use this application.

Step: 2 Installation

Once you are done with the downloading process, you need to install this application on an Android phone that you wish to monitor.

Step: 3 Login

When you are done with the installation process, you can access your online control panel by entering your credentials. Once you are logged in, you are all set to track the activities of the targeted Android phone.

What are the benefits can be achieved with mobile tracking software?

Mobile tracking software allows you to monitor the activities of the targeted Android phone. You can spy the phone of your kids secretly where you can access the location even when you don’t stay close to them. Once you install this mobile spy app on the targeted Android phone, you can spy the browser installed on the phone where you can view the URLs of the websites visited by your kid. There are several benefits of this application, some of them are as under:

  • Access to the contact list.
  • Check the sent and received messages.
  • View the call history along with the dialed, received and missed calls.
  • Access the social networking apps where you can view the conversation.
  • All the chatting information, shared and the downloaded media can be viewed.
  • The data uploads to your online control panel.
  • Back up the data of the targeted Android phone.
  • Track the location of the phone from your online panel.

Additional benefits of the mobile tracking software:

Real-time control panel: Mobile spy app can access the activities in the real-time of the targeted Android phone. Send notification to the user in the real-time from any location but make sure device is connected to the internet.

Check the screen: You have access to the screen on the targeted Android phone as the panel information gets updated after every 90 seconds.

GPS tracker: With the best spy app can view the location on a map, your online control panel shows you the routes visited as well as present and the previous location. You can locate the phone anytime from your device.

Device lock: If you have lost your phone then you have full access to lock your phone remotely. You can create security on the stored data even if you don’t have access to the phone.

SIM change info: You get instant notification on your device’s screen if there is change in the network provider on the targeted Android phone.

Access to email: Spy phone and get full access to the installed email apps on the targeted Android phone. You get full access to the mailbox on the phone.

Now stay away from the hassle of your kid’s and employee’s phone activities, solution is at your hand now. For more information, connect with our professionals and place your order today.