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Monitor Outlook Emails

Since its beginning, email service is one of the most successfully used communication methods to make the business communication smoother. A number of emails sent and received regularly to get in touch with your employees, where you share and exchange information, files, and different office documents and so on. Do you use Microsoft Outlook for your business communication? Is it important for you to monitor the emails of your employees? With Onespy software, we are all set to offer you the incredible features that let you access to spy Outlook mail app, monitor Outlook mail and trace Outlook mail activities remotely. The application offers you the multifunction monitoring features where you get the details of emails sent and received as well as you have access to other internet related activities on the targeted Android phone.

It lets you the following features:

  • Track every sent, received and viewed email on the targeted Android phone.
  • Run without knowing the user.
  • Complete control on the targeted Android phone.
  • Check notifications, get absolute information of email communication.
  • Get fast and real-time monitoring of emails.
  • Send notifications and instant messages to the user.
Monitor Outlook Mail - Spy Outlook Mail Software - Spy Outlook Mail App

What is the need to spy Outlook mail software?

When you run a business, it is important to track Outlook mail for administrative purpose as well as to stay safe from any upcoming threat. Tracking of emails facilitates you access to the email account on the targeted Android phone; you have access to block attachments that may contain a virus or Adware.

To keep your business secure from risks and unlawful activities, there comes the need of cell phone spy software that lets you access to see everything on the targeted Android phone. The user won’t get any idea about the installed software as it runs in the stealth mode.

How to spy Outlook mail software and monitor emails?

The cell phone spy software allows you to track emails; you get the complete record of the sent and received email. You get complete monitoring of the secured and unsecured POP3/SMTP emails, Microsoft exchange emails, and IMAP emails.

If you wish to track every single mail on the targeted Android phone, you need to download and install the application on the targeted Android phone. You can visit the official site of Onespy to complete the installation process and once you are done with the installation process, you are all set to track emails of the user. The process is quite simple and hardly takes some moments of your precious time.

It lets you monitor the email communication in MS Outlook, this way you can put an off on the sensitive corporation information leakage, keep your company safe from the fraudulent activities like phone and internet misuse, eliminate risks, and avoid other possible risks. The last but not least, tracking of emails results in the rise in the employee productivity by stopping the personal activities of the employees.

What are the features of Spy Outlook mail software?

With Android spy software, you get the admittance to the Outlook mailbox and keeps you updated about every single activity. View all the messages at a single place, the software allows you to spy easily, everything will be recorded on your online control dashboard without notifying the user.

The software can be used successfully by the managers as well as the parents, who wish to know what their employees and kids are doing and talking with others. Use the spy Yahoo mail software and run this application in the stealth mode and you can protect the application with a password.

Key features of the software:

Monitor all emails track and record all emails where you get access to every single email sent, received, CC, BCC of the email is recorded. You have the option to delete any email from your end, restrict the access to a contact on the targeted Android phone and much more.

Secure mode Email spy application runs in the secret mode and it doesn’t show any icon on the targeted Android phone. This Android spy software keeps running in the background of the phone and user doesn’t get any indication that his/her activities are getting monitored.

Complete log information you can track all the call logs from a single point, all call logs are automatically uploaded to your control panel. You can download and listen to them anytime; as well as, you have access to delete the call history from your end.

Task schedule you can schedule the start and end time for every task performed on the targeted Android phone. The task automatically ends once the time gets completed.

Report delivery you get the delivery report for every single mail sent, received, opened on the mailbox.

Easy to use interface spy Outlook mail software interface is easy to access even a non-techy person can use this software easily. The user-friendly graphical program makes this application easily accessible for the beginners.

Additional features of Onespy call tracker:

Archive reports: the reports can be archived on your online control panel in few clicks. You can clear the archive report at any time.

Remote viewing of reports: Spy Outlook mail software allows you to track the emails secretly, you can access the emails from any location remotely. You just need to have internet connectivity on your device.

What benefits one can get with Onespy hidden call recorder?

Our Onespy application is specially designed to spy the activities on the targeted phone where you get access to the installed Outlook mail application as well as you can monitor other activities. There are several benefits of using this cell phone spy software, some of the benefits are:

Password protected: the application is secured with a password; no other person can access the application until unless he/she knows the password. You can create a strong password for viable use of this application.

Security and secret mode benefit: you can disable a function on the targeted Android phone at any time remotely without notifying the user. You can change the settings to prevent the user from unlawful activities.

Parental control: the best parental control benefit is now achievable within few clicks, trace the activities of your kids remotely at any time. Android spy restricts the websites that you don’t want your kids to visit.

Backup all data: now you take backup of the data stored on the phone easily, even after losing your phone or in case of phone theft; you can secure the information of the targeted Android phone.

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