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Spy Sent/Received Messages

See all incoming and outgoing SMS messages.

Get the better parental control with cell phone spy app anytime remotely.

Onespy allows you to spy text messages that are sent and received on the targeted Android phone. This software allows you to spy phone, spy message, and with this cell phone spy app, you can access the following:

  • Get a complete view of the targeted phone’s text messages in the inbox, drafts, outbox and so forth.
  • Accessibility to read the complete content of each and every message.
  • You can look the name, number along with the date and time of every text message.
  • Complete history can be viewed at any moment of the day.
  • You have to access via an online control panel that is accessible on any device like your PC, phone, tablet and so on. You need to have your device connected to the secure internet connection.
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How is it important to spy text messages and what is achievable with Onespy?

The advancement in the technology has brought the world to a new phase. Onespy, an advanced application allows you to track the text messages information on the phone even without touching the targeted Android phone. SMS spy app can be easily introduced in an Android phone that proves fruitful for spying a targeted phone.

Text messages spy app is helpful for better parental control and to keep eyes on the activities of your kids, to whom they are messaging.

SMS tracker allows you to keep a complete track on the activities of your employees, thus, easy to monitor employees.

Onespy allows you to customize the feature as per your convenience where you get notified about the sent and received messages instantly.

Reliable spy text messages application features are:

GPS Tracker: It is one of credible features of text tracker, in case, the phone is not reachable or out of the network range, this feature allows you to identify the location on the targeted Android phone.

Spy Text Messages & Call Recording: Once you activate this feature, you are able to auto record all incoming and outgoing calls along as well as you are able to track all the sent and received messages.

Cell phone spy and chat tracker: You can modify the settings as per your convenience where you have the complete access to track the chat messages with an online control panel.

Notification with cell phone spy: Now you get notified instantly on your phone on screen and this way, it gets easier for you to keep an eye and monitor the activities of your kids and employees.

How Onespy SMS tracker works positively?

If you wish to monitor and regulate the activities of your kids and employees, then, surely text message spy app is the right choice for you. It works appropriately and allows you to track and monitor text messages of the targeted Android phone.

SMS spy app allows you to monitor the activities as well as the messages sent and received, you get the complete opportunity to have the complete access to the text messages. You can do so easily even without notifying the person.

Process: In order to spy message, you’ll need to install the Onespy app on the target Android phone that is easy to access from any location remotely. Once you place your order online, you get the installation guide in your mailbox and after completing the installation you are able to track the text messages on an Android device.

Once you are done with the installation, notifications start appearing on your screen for every sent and received message on the targeted phone.

An individual can track the information of the kids and employees anytime with an online control panel. You can spy phone even without getting notified the user.

How is it prominent to use Onespy SMS tracker?

It is now easy to know that your keep a track on the activities of your kids and this way you are able to keep them safe. Onespy, a mobile spy app that offers you the following benefits:

Untraceable: It is one of the best features of mobile spy app where the targeted Android phone user is not able to identify the application, until unless he/she accesses your phone.

Parental control: It has become easy for you to monitor the activities of your kids from a different location. In case, you run a business then, monitoring of the activities of your employees can be done fruitfully.

Good decision maker: once you start making use of text tracker application, you get the better control as well as you are able to take the instant decision for your kids as well as employees.

Why is it imperative to use SMS spy app?

Gone are the days when you used to worry about your kids when you remained away from your kids for hours and days. It was always a matter of concern to know what your kids are doing with your cell phone, texting or making calls. Now keep an eye on your kids as well as your employees and monitor the activities remotely as cell phone app offers you complete access to the targeted Android phone.